9 RESOURCES: Twitter Guidelines. Producing Content For Your Campaign.

Before you get started, here is a key to guide you through using twitter to promote your topic series. If you have questions about the specifics of tweeting (i.e. understanding what a tweet is, how its used, knowing what to tweet about, etc.), please contact us at justpublics365@gmail.com and we can send you more detailed packet. Happy Tweeting!

What to Tweet About: Your main goal is to engage others outside to learn more about the work that you are doing.

If you are live tweeting, you can:

Capture the voices of the speakers by tweeting their statements, or quotes from them.

Engage in conversations with other tweeters using the appropriate hashtag.

Ask questions to the presenter(s) as well as other audience members both on and offline.

Retweet someone else’s wonderful statement, question, etc. that has been made based on the presentation at the moment.

Connect with other Justpublics@365 friends on Twitter and ask them to check out what’s happening with your social justice topic series via the #jptopicseries.

If you are tweeting on a daily basis or monitoring an account for a scheduled time period:  

Promote blogs posts and upcoming conferences, events, summits.

Engage in conversations with your twitter followers.

Take a look at @justpublics365 and likeminded hashtags (i.e., #jptopicseries, #P2PH #socialjustice, etc.) and see if there are any tweets that you can re-tweet, ask questions about, disagree with, etc.

Link to relevant articles or stories (I.e. did you recently read or write something related to new media and social justice? That’s certainly worth sharing on your twitter account).

Discuss your own research or activism as it relates to your topic series (make sure to make it about the work though). 

The main goal is, engage in conversation, talk to people online.

How to include hyperlinks: If you are going to be tweeting and citing other blogs, make sure to make all hyperlinks into a bit.ly so that you can monitor them (i.e. you can see click-through rates).

What to favorite: Use the “star” or favorite to mark any key interactions. You can pull your favorite tweets on a specific # and then generate a blog from it!

How To Use The Hashtag: You should use hashtags whenever you are discussing a corresponding topic/subject. Not only will you “store” or save tweets by using these hashtag, you will be able to see what others are saying about the same topic, what quotes they have obtained (that you might want to share or retweet) from a live event or conference.


To date, the most commonly used @JustPublics365 hashtags are:

a. #JPTopicSeries

b. #StopandFrisk
c. #P2PH: used when discussing from punishment to public health

d. #CUNYGC: used when discussing events happening at the Graduate Center

e. #digitalGC: used when discussing the move for a digital Graduate Center


Hashtags that may be relevant to your social justice topic series are:

a. #p2: used when discussing/referring to the progressive movement

b. #fem2 or #gender: used when discussing anything around gender and feminism

c. #”insertnameofpresenter”: You can create a hashtag for a person presenting (used largely if the person you are referring to doesn’t have a twitter account)

d. #race: used when discussing race issues

e. #lgbtq: used when discussing LGBTQ issues

f. #StopandFrisk: used when discussing stop-and-frisk

g. #P2PH: used when discussing punishment and public health


From Punishment to Public Health #P2PH Copyright © 2014 by JustPublics365@gmail.com. All Rights Reserved.


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